Event info


We encourage everyone to buy a festival pass, which will give access to most events both at the Main Venue and the Nordic Venue. Special events and excursions may cost extra.

With your festival pass, you may reserve seats at the performances and workshops of your choice at the Main Venue. Talks and seminars at the Main Venue are free and open to all.

You get access to the Nordic Venue with your festival pass, but without any seat reservations. First come, first served!

Prices for festival pass
Ordinary – NOK 2000
Member of Assitej – NOK 1600
Student – NOK 800

Within a week you will receive an e-mail with a delegate registration form for you to fill out and return to us. If you buy more than one pass, please fill out one form for each of the delegates separately. The e-mail will also provide a link to a personal booking page, where you can select tickets for your preferred performances. If you buy more than one pass, you can use the same link again to select tickets for each delegate separately.
It’s a good idea to plan an individual festival route! Remember to leave room for breaks and leisure time.
When you have completed your selection you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your choices.
Your tickets will be printed and available for collection at the the festival desk at Kilden when you arrive, under your name(s).
You`ll get access to the professional program with your festival pass. Some workshops with limited capacity may require registration. More information about these workshops will be available soon!
With your festival pass, you get access to all events at the Nordic Venue, but there`s no ticket reservations. First come, first served.