AAG2019 presenterer: Mother Africa & Her Melodies
Directed by: Lulu Tsheola
Music composed and perform by: Volley Nchabeleng

Varighet: 45 minutter.

Mother Africa & Her Melodies is an indigenous musical show that infuses a variety of African instruments in to one spectacular showpiece, this piece will take audience in an emotional journey of our music, from the seed to a tree that gave birth to African instruments and the sounds that nature produced.
Mother Africa & Her Melodies is one hander play told by multi-instrumentalist and well-traveled musician and instruments collector Volley Nchabeleng.

Mother Africa & Her Melodies is replacing Morwa – The Rising Son
Due to problems with communication between Embassies, Tefo Paya, the actor performing Morwa – The Rising Son is unable to travel to ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering. The festival and Tefo Paya would like to express our sincere apologies for this unfortunate event. We would like to ensure you all that we have done everything in our power to solve the problem, but it is no longer possible. We are also happy to be able to announce that the musician in Morwa – The Rising Son, Volley Nchabeleng, will be performing his concert Mother Africa & Her Melodies instead.